The main pillars of Erdemir Maden's corporate culture are respect for the environment, embracing and promoting environmental awareness, effective and efficient use of resources, continuous improvement of the company's environmental performance and leaving a habitable world to future generations. Consequently, it is our primary objective to:

  • reduce, collect and properly dispose waste, and encourage recycling,
  • use natural resources efficiently,
  • employ clean production technologies in investments to achieve sustainable development,
  • take necessary precautions to minimize the impact of industrial accidents on humans and the environment.

The "Most Eco-Friendly Industrial Enterprise" award we were granted at a ceremony held by the Governorship of Sivas in 2011 is an indicator that we have reached these objectives. This award is a result of the contribution and consciousness of our employees and stakeholders.

Informed Employees

We are aware that well-informed employees play a crucial role in improving our environmental performance. We organize training sessions on the classification and collection of waste, recycling of the waste, and reducing water and energy consumption.

The Environment and Sustainability as a Philosophy

Maintaining its eco-friendly production with the investments it made after being transferred to OYAK, Erdemir Maden first commissioned its dust and gas desulphurization facility in 2008. Confirmation tests for emissions, air quality measurements and necessary controls are performed every two years, in accordance with the Regulations on the Control of Industrial Air Pollution.

Two treatment facilities have been commissioned for domestic waste at the social facilities and inside the Erdemir Maden operations site. Waste produced during the company's operations (waste oil, vehicle oil filters, contaminated waste, medical waste, fluorescent waste, contaminated packages, etc.) are sent to recycling or disposal facilities in cooperation with licensed organizations.

To prevent dust sources company-wide, pulverizing systems were commissioned at two points and bagged dust collection systems at six points. Emission measurements are performed and recorded for these systems.

Erdemir Maden was granted a Temporary Operating Certificate by the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning pursuant to the Regulations on the Permits and Licenses to be Obtained under Law on the Environment.

Around 54,000 trees of various types (scotch pine, oak, acacia, birch) were planted in an area of 308,500 square meters in the mine fields.

Corporate Charity

We plan our social projects with the aim of bringing them to larger audiences and increasing their impact. We attach great importance to voluntary cooperation efforts with both public institutions and non-governmental organizations in the fields of education, health and the environment, with a special emphasis on activities that contribute to education. Providing the necessary support for improving the physical conditions and technical equipment of educational institutions in Divriği, Erdemir Maden offers internship opportunities for high school and university students and organizes training events and contests to raise awareness about occupational health and safety.


Chess Tournament

Since 2007, Erdemir Maden has been organizing a chess tournament for primary, secondary and high school students to popularize this sport in Divriği. The tournament, which attracts greater interest every year thanks to the cooperation with the Ministry of Education, hosts tightly-contested games. Erdemir Maden continues to contribute to the popularization of chess by having two fully-equipped chess halls built at two educational institutions in Divriği.

Painting Contest

For the last nine years, Erdemir Maden has been organizing a contest themed "Occupational Health and Safety" for primary, secondary and high school students in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, to emphasize the importance of occupational health and safety in everyone's life, raise awareness among young people and their families, and contribute to education. Paintings that ranked high at the contest, where about 50 works compete every year, are exhibited throughout the Occupational Health and Safety week to encourage young people.

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