Our Philosophy

Erdemir Maden's sustainability efforts are inspired by the Sustainability Strategy of its, the OYAK, which is based on the principle of "creating more value with less resources", as well as the company's dedication to respect the needs of future generations and preserve the conditions for the peaceful coexistence of humans and nature.

Just like all other OYAK companies, Erdemir Maden is aware that the sustainability of our living standards, welfare, economic competitiveness, employment and the ecosystem depend on the continued existence of shared natural resources. The basic pillars of OYAK's sustainability philosophy and efforts made in this regard are explained in detail in the group's 2014 annual report.

Sustainability Targets

Iron ore has been a crucial part of human life since prehistoric times. Turkey possesses limited reserves of iron, which is the main raw material of steel, which in turn is the most important engineering and construction material. Diligent efforts are being made by public institutions and our company to put these reserves into use.

Erdemir Maden supports sustainable development with the production technologies it employs, its efforts to continuously improve energy and resource efficiency and minimize environmental impact, the direct and indirect opportunities of employment it provides, and the contributions it makes to social welfare.

Starting production in 1938 and constantly increasing its capacity, Erdemir Maden continues its journey of sustainable growth with its robust economic performance and environmental awareness, and its commitment to meet the expectations of its employees in particular and of the society in general. Just like all other OYAK Mining Metallurgy companies, Erdemir Maden regards sustainability as a pillar of its corporate management philosophy.

Cooperative Effort

At Erdemir Maden, we build and maintain good relations with organizations in our own industry and in other industries, such as professional associations, foundations and chambers, in order to build shared platforms, handle common strategic issues and propose solutions. In this context, we are a member of several organizations including the Istanbul Chamber of Industry, the Ankara Chamber of Industry and Turkish Miners Association.

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